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named Christine, ecstatically married, from Pennsyltucky, living in South Jersey, web cuntress, has Type II SMA, survives by eating through a tube, parent/aunti, collects dust, lives in a photograph, gives kisses instead of hugs, can't do simple math, likes pretty things, has an "elephant" tattoo.

full of artificial sweetener


This is the space where I'm supposed to tell you all about me and the point of this website.

The truth is, there is no point to having my little corner of the internet. Social media has made it easy for everyone to have their own pointless little corner. There isn't any creativity anymore. All the same memes. All the same complaints. All the same drama. All the same everything. All of it, completely pointless.

The difference between my corner and your corner is that mine has existed longer. I blogged before blogs ever existed. I have an eternity of (online) journals that span the last 20 years of my life. Why? Because I do.

My life will never be important to you, Stranger/Stalker, but it's important to me. It's important to my wife. It's important to everyone close to me.

This place is for them. Not you. It's a piece of me that will forever be here when I'm long gone 100 years from now. It's for my future great grandchildren that I may never meet. I'm not a fairytale everyone talks about. I'm real and this is me.

The good. The bad. The ugly. The frustrated. The depression. The happiness. The struggles. The ecstatic joy. The love. The laughter. All from one perspective. Mine. Not yours.

There will most certainly be things which will offend you and that's okay. This isn't about you. It's about me. You have your own space on BookFace to complain about my foul mouth if it upsets you so much.

🖤 Christine 🖤


she is...

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insta whore...

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